Christian Ose
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Born in Stuttgart/Germany, Ose moved to Hagen where he grew up with his family.
Inspired by the work of his Great Grandfather F.A.Isenberg, who was painter during late 19th and early20th
century. Ose began as a child. At the early age of 11 it became obvious that painting would become his
ambition.At the age of 16 he began his artistic education at the arts college Wuppertal/Germany.
Consequently he continued his studies at the University of Wuppertal. In addition to studying industrial
design, it’s techniques and handcrafting he also enjoyed an all-round education, covering all aspects of the
arts.In the early 1980’s his work concentrated on painting landscapes and faces.
“I need to breath and feel the atmosphere of the situation at hand while creating my images.”
With this mind set he painted into the late hours in bars and pubs as well as early mornings in nearby fields
to capture the moment on his selected canvases.

Concentrating on his final exam Ose was fascinated by Holography in 1984. As result he developed and
designed a holography camera which in 1986 was awarded the first prize in an international design competition.
“During this time Holography was very exciting and straight forward. I was infected by the 3D virus and I felt like
a pioneer, similar to the first photographers in 19th century.”
Ose opened an experimental laboratory, inscribed at the department for physics at the university and explored
possibilities of virtual reality. From 1985 until 1992 he created many holographic images which were
shown at several exhibitions.

Ose also designed and crafted objects and models for medical and advertising purposes for more
than 15 years. Highly detailed objects such as a series of enlarged blood cells, an enlarged, fully detailed
of the human eye and a functional robot are some examples of his exquisite work.

From 1999 on he continued on with his passion for painting landscapes. A collection of his work was shown in a
group show in November 2006.
A solo show was recently shown in the artist’s hometown of Wuppertal/Germany at the Wittenstein gallery in
December 2006. There he showed his drawings and paintings of people and faces captured in time.

Ose now is working on portraits and faces which he claims to be most appealing. Catching the right moment
and the look of a person can be thrilling. Providing this excitement to the viewer is of course virtual reality.
With this in mind Ose tries to go beyond photo realism. “You can only paint what you have understood and
one can only recognize what has previously been seen….

1958 born in Stuttgart /Germany
grew up in Hagen /Germany
lives and works in Wuppertal/Germany
1975 - 77
Art and design Studies at the college of Wuppertal/Germany
1979 - 85 Studies at the University for design Wuppertal/Germany
1985 received Degree in Industrial Design  
1985 - 1987 Study of Physics and Holography at Wuppertal University/Germany
Group Shows    
2007 "Asia-Weeks" portraits of asian Galerie Blickfang, Wuppertal
2006 „Umbria“ Watercolor Landscapes Galerie Wittenstein Wuppertal /Germany
1992 „artware“
Borderline between Arts and media
Westfalenhalle Dortmund /Germany
1989 „Holography in the federal republic of Germany“ Bad Rothenfelde /Germany
1988 „Art in the Third Dimension“ Neckarwerke Fellbach/ Germany
1987 „Festival Jet“ international showing
Holography and new visual media
Straßburg / France
1986 annual Showing Von der Heydt Museum,Wuppertal/Germany
1986 received first price for design and concept of a
holographic camera - Show of the exhibits
Design competition "Discoveries"
Stuttgart /Germany
1985 „Experiment : Holography as Art“ Köln,Bonn,München/Germany
1984 honorable mention „Staff-Price Design and Light
Show of the exhibits
Lemgo /Germany
1983 „9 x Malerei“ ( 9 times paintings ) Von der Heydt Museum,Wuppertal/Germany
Solo Shows    
2008 "ab-sichtlich" works from 1981 - 2008 Kornelius-Galerie Aachen
2007 Landscapes, People and new paintings "WOGA 2007" open studio
2006 “situational drawings and faces” Galerie Wittenstein Wuppertal /Germany
1988 collection of holograms Galerie „das Hologramm“
Frankfurt /Germany
1987 expressions of light (holograms) Galerie Lichtblicke Frankfurt /Germany
© Christian Ose

Artist Statement

Facial expressions are endlessly various. Watching people, especially their faces is an adventure for me.
Painting them is a journey through memories, feelings, associations and projections.
When done face to face, it is a dialogue between myself and the person being painted. A concentrated look into
their eye reveals much of their emotion which I try to capture in the portrait.
Often a picture needs to contain as much detail as possible. The closer you get the more you discover.
You might not see what you initially expected to see. There is room for interpretation.
Other times, it contains just the right amount of detail, leaving the remainder to the viewer’s imagination.

The imagination begins to wander and completes the image.
I always strive to touch the viewer’s emotion.